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The history of Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcji Handlu i Usług (Production Trade and Services Company) "H-GAZ" Sp. j. dates back to 1992. PPHiU "H-GAZ" was then registered as a single-person company.
At the early stage PPHiU "H-GAZ" was involved in the trade of modern materials for gas network construction. Gradual development of gas network construction technology of polyethylene pipes has created a niche for the company growth.
In 1992-1994 PPHiU "H-GAZ" supplied the investments in the former voivodeship of Rzeszow, Przemysl and Krosno with PE pipes and other materials for gas network construction. In 1994 PPHiU "H-GAZ" was transformed into a private partnership (s.c.). It operated in this form until 2001.



The years of PPHiU "H-GAZ" s.c. activity definitely consolidated its strong market position and further development. During this period, the company started export to the Ukrainian market promoting Polish PE gas pipe connection technology.
In 1997 PPHiU "H-GAZ" s.c. started producing gas reduction and metering stations. It also performed gas station renovations and modernization of existing gas metering systems.

In 2000, PPHiU "H-GAZ" s.c. produced master kits of turbine gas meters, which in accordance with applicable regulations received a certificate of conformity to ZN-G-4008 standard, issued by the PGNiG S.A. Central Measurement and Research Laboratory. The receipt of this certificate enabled production of gas station equipment, not only for own purposes, but also for other gas station manufacturers.

According to the change of law in 2001, the private partnership was converted into a registered partnership and currently operates as such.


In 2002, a production workshop was built in Tyczyn near Rzeszow and the gas station production was moved there.

In 2002, PPHiU "H-GAZ" Sp. j. received also an ISO 9001:2000 certification for the gas station design, production, and service as well as for the sale of sanitary network construction materials.

In 2005, after completing appropriate procedures related to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC conformity assessment, the company started the production of gas filters used in medium pressure gas stations. This production is supervised by a Notified Body of Urząd Dozoru Technicznego (UDT - Office of Technical Inspection).

In subsequent years the established quality system was rebuilt for certification and maintenance of the welding production quality system.

ISO 9001:2000 recertification was carried out in 2005 in a recognized certification body TÜV NORD CERT and a year later the compliance certification for PN-EN ISO 3834-2 was completed (PN-EN 729-2).

Because of the investment related to the first degree station construction and a supply pipeline on "Siarkopol” Chemical Plants premises in Tarnobrzeg, "H-GAZ" received additional qualifications issued by the Urzad Dozoru Technicznego (UDT - Office of Technical Inspection) in the scope of gas transmission pipelines.

In 2007 PPHiU "H-GAZ" Sp. j. developed and set out drafts of high pressure gas filters and heaters. The production of these devices began in 2008.

PPHiU "H-GAZ" Sp. j. currently employs among others several engineers, including one PhD in technical sciences, skilled welders, and fitters experienced in gas stations construction.

The main company's activity is currently gas station and filter production, as well as manufacturing assembly kits of turbine and rotary gas meters. The key part of the company's business is also gas network construction materials trade, including exports to Ukraine.
The Company has a stable position in the Podkarpackie and Małopolskie voivodeship market, where it conducts most of the investments.

35-303 Rzeszów | ul. Mieszka I 48/50 | tel./fax 17 850 63 33, 17 850 63 43
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